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I AM with You

Sep 11, 2022

Living in a cold and wicked world, we as true believers find ourselves feeling alone at times. We are discarded as aliens; therefore, we do not have many friends because our love and obedience of the truth of the Word of God. If we do not realize this is one of the tools of the devil [to make us feel alone and isolated], we will cave into the pressure and lose our doctrine [our grip on the truth of the Word of God] and little by little we become friends of the world in the name of loneliness.

We need to remember that the Lord Jesus Christ is always with us, and He will never forsake or leave us. It’s imperative to know as Christians, that we are never alone. If we have Jesus, we are never alone. Regardless of what you’re going through right now, know that the Lord Jesus is waiting for you to start a conversation with Him.

In today’s sermon, we will discuss knowing that God is with you always regardless of the circumstance or situation without fearing the outcome.

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